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Are We A Tolerant Culture?

I would like to think that any reader here, even if just a few, can still be tolerant and respectful of a people group regardless of the actions of their government. Although, we have all been witness to a lot of hate towards Russia, even her citizens, over this whole affair. I would like to add it has been promoted by our government and the media at large.

Having spent 3 years living and working in St Petersburg, Russia, I can be honest and say that I was very.. very impressed by the people and environment. Even though it's population of the massive city was just over 5 million at the time, and walking the streets of central SP almost daily, I never witnessed rough behavior, crime, nor anything of the like. I did encounter help, care, compassion and respect, and a very clean and magically beautiful city.

The relationships I formed there showed me insight into the average Russian character which is intelligent (very educated), disciplined, thoughtful, genuine, and beautiful.

So, my question is, how can an entire nation be suddenly hated for something they never chose to happen? How can governments, media, corporations and even citizens be onboard for brutally sanctioning the people?

How can we use the argument that all Russians should somehow come together and oust President Putin? Did we all come together and oust Bush when he/they completely destroyed a nation, killing tens or hundreds of thousands, on the basis of a lie? Did the world ever sanction us, the people of the usa?

I hope that my culture here in the usa can dig deeper and find a common ground, just as the people of Russia find common ground with us, even while our government buries their dreams in the dust.

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