• Arthur Herring

Motion Design Projects!

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

After over three years working with my wife on the animated movie, I found myself in a world that has changed, few paintings, and a changed inner paradigm. What to do next? The answer seemed to flow off the tongue, that is to do what I've been doing for the most recent years of my life.. animation, motion design and special effects. My rich, art-based professional experience is a nice foundation for this work, and has already led to some fun projects! I will share some of these here over time.

Adding the dimension of time to art is so amazingly fascinating for someone who's been staring at frozen imagery for most of his life. I look forward to what will develop with this.

Yes, I will still paint actual paintings when time permits.

Here's one of my recent logo reveals. Have something you need animated? Contact me. :)

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