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Our 2D animation vs my new faith

Life is strange. Agreed? For over three years, my wife and I have labored practically every day creating a full-length animation. We're talking 2 hours of animation. We can call it a labor of love, because it has been. The story is of nations, and about love. There is a beautiful story that unfolds.. one of choices and consequences, and mercy. I can't write anything about this story without first stating that it came from a place of good intent. And if one were able to watch it for what it is.. it is an interesting and entertaining adventure. My wife wrote this, and it became a big part of her life, long before we began work on it.

During that time, beginning a couple years ago, my inner life turned upside down. My belief system was torn apart and built back up again to what it is now. Where before I was in more of a mainstream, new thought, new age system of belief, I am now a follower of "the way", that is a follower of Yahusha (you know him as Jesus). This transformation has been a complete surprise to myself, let alone others in my life. Though I was raised Methodist first, as a pastor's son, then LDS.. I left it all in favor of a more convenient and accepted practice and way of life. But making a long story short, I found after many years that this new way of life was quite.. unfruitful. (in every way)

Without going into detail, my new found faith came from left field. It has made a new version of myself of which I'm eternally grateful. And in this, has caused me to see my work efforts over the past few years in a bit of a different light. Although I wouldn't desire to change it because it has been an amazing adventure with my lovely wife. I can no longer support the animation, or participate in its promotion. If you have seen the trailer, then you are aware that it is about different nations of magic., and their Magi. It showcases sorcery all through the movie. I don't want in any way advertise or condone the practice of magic or sorcery. Practicing It is not drawing on the one source I've come to trust in.. our one creator. Yahuah.

I have been humbled in many ways in my recent journey, and this most recent realization for me has been the most humbling as an Artist and Man in general. But I am more than willing to let my full-time labor of the last 3 years, education in new apps and arts, and "baby" go, and put in into the hands of its original conceiver, my wife. Oddly enough, my strong conviction comes right at the close of the creative process. I feel 100% that Yahuah allowed me to fulfill my promise to Anya to help her make her story. But I've been "hit" with a pile of bricks metaphorically in my conviction to part with it.

I understand the mixed reactions to my decision, and that is to be expected. But I'm grateful that you're even here reading this. My "following", if you will, has all but dried up due to ever changing life situations and little activity (in painting) in recent years. It's hard to know what future awaits us in these times, but I do look forward to putting my skills and arts into praise of the most high, if he allows and how he sees fit.


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