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Arthur Herring is an award-winning American Painter of oils and pastels, as well as a recent recipient of awards such as VFX Artist at Prague International Film Festival 2021, after having crossed over into Digital Art, Animation and Motion Design years prior. 


Self-taught, with natural influences from his mother who is also an award-winning Painter, he has developed his skill in many forms of presentation. Spanning his career, his captivating landscapes grew to include lush detailed spiritual and cosmic fantasy. Always seeking new ways of expression, he developed and termed a dynamic yet subtle approach to pastels he calls "scribbilism", which captures his viewers in the spiritual side of nature. 


During the 2000s he was also able to make a name for himself as a large-scale Muralist painting various subject matter indoors and outdoors, public and private from the USA to Russia. His traditional paintings hang in private collections in USA, Norway, UK, Bulgaria, and Russia


In later years he has produced illustrative work in digital format, using art software as he continues in his interest of nature-based fantasy. This has led to him also producing freelance design and illustrative work for clients from a various spectrum. In 2017 he began to work with his wife to make a video story book, a story she wrote years prior. During that process of the project, it had evolved into a full-length animated film. "This has been an unexpected turn, but it is spontaneous and is telling of how much more interesting it is to add the element of time to art. It's absolutely fascinating to work with, and lots of fun." 


His collaboration with his wife, Anna Gerasimova, (a Fantasy Screen Writer, Director, Score Composer, Character Animator), produced a lot of buzz, being selected in over 100 International Film Festivals and collecting 57 awards, including Best Animated Film and Best Fantasy. Some of the Festivals included LA Femme International Film Festival in Los Angeles, Paris Film Festival, Vancouver Independent Film Festival, Seattle Film Festival, Vegas Movie Awards and many more.


In 2022, Arthur and wife began a new quest in the production of their second film, the sequel to "The Breath of Life" called "Dark Matter". They have announced it as the second of a trilogy which Anna has already written as a script. Together, they plan on expanding their skills to boost the quality of the movie experience for their viewers, as well as collaborate with other professionals with much experience in the music and visual industry. 


Arthur looks forward to using more animation mixed with his art background in years to come with these productions and in his other freelance work. 


In his rare moments away from Art and Animation, Arthur enjoys instrumental Music Production as a hobby and hiking through the mountains of Montana with his wife.

Arthur Herring

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