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How my wife and I got into making an Animated Film. PART 2

Updated: May 4, 2019

They say, "Life is full of surprises" and that holds true in my personal and professional journey so far. Twenty years ago, I would have never pictured myself at this point, doing what I'm doing. That is easy to imagine with my varied creative background. From pastel landscape paintings to oil and pastel fantasy works, murals, digital illustrations, I never really knew where things would go, especially considering how quickly the creative art demands and tools keep changing.

Now with the Adobe Creative Cloud alone, one can venture into many creative territories, without even setting the intention to do so. Luckily it has it's advantages. In our case, we set out to make a video story with still images.

One inspiration and discovery after another, and I was ready to call our project a "partial animation". More inspiration later and we're just calling it what it is. Of course, it is only the two of us and there is only so much two people can do. And when compared to Pixar or Disney with up to 500 people working on a film...with experience.. ahem.. it is hard to compete. But our goal is to tell a story.. in the best way we can.

To be continued...

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