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I love conceptualizing scenes..

Sometimes I wonder why. Is it that innate quality of being human? I don't know, but maybe it has something to do with living in the world that we live in. I think most of us from time to time have imagined a better world or at least a different world. Why else would games, movies, literature, etc be so sought after? We crave an escape from our day to day lives, in a world which perhaps, feels more and more alien to us. Or are we the ones who have become alien to the world we were given? All things to consider, but for now I'll continue to imagine a world in which all the good things we imagine are present in our lives, and truth is valued above all else, even comfort.

Concept Art is a thrilling adventure which takes us to places that a plane ticket could never take us. Well, there are some pieces that are all too real but we still don't need a ticket to take a glimpse. Whenever we see a fantasy or adventure film we love, an Artist had to travel there first to then give us that experience, and many times a Writer first tells the story which inspires the Artist to take us to where the story happens.

This is some of the imagery which was conceived for the animation "The Breath of Life".. that impossible task that my wife and I set out to accomplish back in 2017. And although we are overwhelmed with the reception, receiving 40+ awards from festivals around the world, the one thing that will always have the most value in this experience for us are the moments we look at each other and remember all the late hours, frugality, tears, technical challenges, etc, etc.. and realize that we not only made it through, but she and I have a love stronger than before.

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