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I haven't blogged for years! Just a place to share whats going on here, projects, and thoughts.

How we got into doing a full-length animation film. PART 1

As some of you may already know, my wife and I have been working together on a really big project. (now for two years!) It didn't start that way, well.. not like this anyway.

It was only meant to be a video story book.. think still, panning images with narrative. It was Cinco de Mayo, (5th of May 2017), when Anya and I went for a bite to eat at a Mexican resteraunt. I had just been put on hold once again by my work group at the time. We were preparing a big project.. a video graphic novel. That never happened.

I'm glad that it didn't, for a couple reasons. But mostly because it brought about the next question Anya would pose to me at the resteraunt. "How would you feel about helping me with my video story?" For whatever reason I never had a hesitation in my thoughts to jump onboard immediately with her and make it happen. I love her after all, and wanted to help!

to be continued...

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